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M101 in Ursa Major

From our viewpoint, M101 is one of the largest galaxies? we can see in the heavens. Although it can be easily spotted in small instruments, it has a very low surface brightness. That means that at first glance, most folks give it a "oh yeah... I see it.? What's next?"

But if you take some time to look at this galaxy.. I mean really look, it will give up many wonderful secrets. First of all, you will see just how vast it is. And as you watch and let it's ancient light penetrate your mind, you'll start too see many of the

C14, ST7, 20m L, 10m RGB

knots (brighter areas) in the spiral arms.? And when you see these, the spiral nature of the object will be well apparent.?

M101 forms almost a perfect equilateral triangle with Alcor and Alkaid the two stars in the end of the big dipper.? It's one of the easiest objects to find in the sky.? You haven't seen it yet?? Go look!