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Mushrooms in the Coastal Range

Winter is a magical time in the coastal mountains of the bay area. A quiet, peaceful, mist fills the senses. Rain comes often and with it, a treasure of unexpected life.

greissete.jpg (44984 bytes)

mycena.jpg (55827 bytes)

The time to find exquisite speciemins is during the wet seasons of winter. Mushrooms begin sprouting in splendor about one week after the first late fall rain. Some grow to astounding size like the 15" Grissettes above.


bluerusula.jpg (56101 bytes)

Some, like the diminuitive mycena above are almost ignored. Nature's beauty comes alive with the attention of the photographers light.

deermush.jpg (40643 bytes)

The forest is dark, damp, and endlessly quiet as I search out my most unusual subjects. I find peace as I discover natures wonders.