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Supernova in M88.

I have been interested for some time to capture some supernovae in images but it seems like the timing is off for me, the equipment, and a good supernova to be together at the same time. The night of June 10, 1999 favored me.  I obtained the following photograph of M88 with supernova 1999cl early in the evening.  The bright star lower right of the galaxy core is the single star that we can see so far away. Current estimates judge this galaxy to be some 32 million light years distant! How incredible it is to think that we can see a single star there with amateur equipment. The two stars to the left of the photograph are in our own galaxy.

The shot consists of 8 separate one minute shots combined with MaximDL. Supernova 1999cl measures at magnitude 14.065 from the data in the original data.

m88.gif (152138 bytes)

Compare my shot with that of the Digitized Sky Survey created at Mount Palomar taken prior to the supernova.

dssm88.gif (355051 bytes)