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Telescope case for 4 to 6 inch refractors

I've long had a problem with the way some companies sell their products. You spend a wad of cash for a nice telescope and all they send you to carry it in is a cardboard box.
Usually, I just build a nice plywood case, but after purchasing the Celestron 6" achromat, I realized that the project would take more time, money, and the case would be heavy made of plywood. A number of my online colleagues
found themselves in a similar dilemma. We found a military surplus source for tow missile cases. The case is a perfect size for the 6" refractor and is extremely affordable at $50.
The case is available from C and H Sales Company (Stock# CC9801). After hearing about this "deal", I immediately ordered one.? Delivery was prompt via UPS.? C and H, slapped a sticker on the old case and let threw it into the truck. Two of the latches were open during shipment.? In fact the latch shown at left was rusted and twisted open probably 20 years ago. When I received the case, it wouldn't close and the two latches on each end would not work.? I had to use a hammer and pliers to bend the latches back into place. Copious amounts of WD-40 were applied to the latches to unfreeze the old rust. Other folks who ordered this case did not have this problem.? I suppose it is a luck of the draw.
To open and close the case, I need to sit on it to give me enough slack to release the latches. The case is made of polyethylene with an aluminum frame and rubber weather seal and has handles. Although the scope fit snuggly without modification, I enlarged the foam cutout on the objective end with an electric knife. Now it fits perfectly.?
The case is extremely rugged and is a perfect size for this scope. Event though I have to sit on it to open and close it and I had to do some banging on it to make it functional, I consider it a great value.