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Each scope comes standard with a  Protostar diagonal and spider,  Feather Touch Focuser,  and a Vixen* style dovetail finder bracket.  When comparing prices, consider that the options we provide as standard are always options on other brands.  Also consider the quality of service you will get from us which includes thorough under the skies testing.  We can install optics from other manufacturers.

Mirror Size Focal Ratio Cell
12.5" F5 6 2.1" 1.6" Stevens Optical
16" F4.5 18 2.6" 1.6" Pegasus
Zambuto $7145
18" F4.2 18 3.1" 1.6" Pegasus
* The Vixen style dovetail bracket accepts many of the most easily found finders.  We offer what we feel is the highest quality finder available from Stellarvue.  See below.

*** Customization rates for non standard orders:  $75 per hour for design,  $40 per hour labor

Tracking and Digital Setting Circles:

ServoCat Jr.  installed on 12.5", 15" and 18" models (includes Argo Navis and encoder installation).  $3195.00
Plettstone stalk for ServoCat.  Mounted on the rear corner of your telescope (where your ladder won't hit it), the stalk keeps your DSC at a handy height and helps you manage your cables. Wiring includes power for the Argo Navis, encoder cables and connection to the ServoCat controller.  $240.00
Powered Ground Board for ServoCat This option allows you to use a large battery at a comfortable distance away from your telescope. Power runs through the azimuth axis. $310.00
Digital setting circles (Argo Navis) installed with high resolution encoders. $1050.00
Controller caddy  The caddy is mounted to the front of your rocker box.  Our new caddy is made from sheet metal and painted white. $35.00
ServoCat installation on Obsession Telescopes
Come visit with us for a weekend.  We'll share the skies with you and make sure your Servocat is working as it should. Nothing beats our personalized service!

Telescope Accessories

Wheelbarrow handles with wheels. Laminated birch. $245

Pricing and product specifications may change without notice.