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Servocat Installation on a Plettstone 15" F5 telescope

We are the only manufacturer who can mount all motors inside the telescope rocker box. This keeps both motors out of harms way during observing and shipping.

ServoCat provides full GOTO and tracking capabilities for our telescopes. Coupled with the Argo Navis digital setting circles, you'll have a powerful platform for serious observing.

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AltMotorInCorner.jpg (66289 bytes)

Motor is mounted inside the rocker box.  It can be mounted on either side to suite personal taste

Caddy.jpg (54540 bytes)

The controller caddy is made from the same high quality materials as the scope.  Yes, it matches.

InsideOfRockerBox.jpg (72152 bytes)

The rocker box bares its secrets.

LeftProfile.jpg (67850 bytes)

Side view of telescope with stalk

LeftProfileB.jpg (66602 bytes)

Profile of telescope with stalk.

RearOfScope.jpg (85587 bytes)

Rear of telescope.

StalkDetail.jpg (97679 bytes)

Close up of the stalk.