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We provide the best focusers, top notch spiders and diagonals, and two finder brackets,  at no extra charge. When it comes to upgrades, you already have them. Our options are truly options.

Mirror Manufacturers:

Choose from Pegasus, Stevens, or Zambuto.  All are excellent makers.  You make the decision.


Wheel barrow handles


Our scopes weigh little so you may not need handles and wheels.  But if you need them, we'll make a set for you. Keep in mind that these need to be ordered with your scope.


Goto capabilities and tracking


We can set you up with just DSC's or a full motorized scope. We install ServoCat systems with the Argo Navis DSC for our telescopes.  The motors can be mounted inside the telescope where they will be out of the way (and not visible). Please note that inside mounting of the motors is not possible on all of our telescopes. Contact us for details. A controller caddy made of matching materials to your scope can also be ordered with your ServoCat. Other options include a stalk (a miniature music stand) that mounts on the rear corner of your scope to conveniently place the DSC. Mounting the stalk at the rear of your scope means it is out of the way when you are using a ladder.