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Upper left, upper right, and left.  Our 16" F4.5.  Now taking orders for 2008 deliveries. This scope weighs in under 75 pounds. Eyepiece height is 6'. Footprint is ONLY 21.5 inches square! This is the smallest and lightest commercially available 16" instrument in the business.


Michael takes delivery of his 18" Plettstone telescope. 
sp082303Large.jpg (228054 bytes) A high Sierra start party features three Highe design telescopes.  Left foreground: 15" F5. Center: 12.5" F4.8.  Right rear:  17.5" F4.3.
12.5mirrorboxlarge.jpg (464451 bytes) The 12.5" mirror box assembly 12.5large.jpg (225952 bytes) The popular 12.5" model.
15inchCalstar.jpg (436852 bytes) A 15 inch F5 at Calstar (Central California). Lake San Antonio is a low altitude site but one of the darkest sites we've been to. 
This is a 12.5" F4.2 scope with a conical mirror made by Mike Spooner.  We set it up with encoders and an Argo Navis.  Since our customer would be using a variety of eyepieces and a Paracorr, the tubes were weighted on the bottom end and we made a sliding counter weight for him. The central pivot point has a machined brass fitting to ride cleanly on a Tom Osypowski equatorial platform. 12.5F4.2withEncodersAndArgo.jpg (66571 bytes)
DarrenHiebert18inchF4.2wServoCat.JPG (67078 bytes) Left::  Darren H. with his new 18" F4.2 complete with ServoCat and Argo Navis at the 2004 Nebraska Star Party.  This scope is optimized for balancing a small 5mm Nagler to a heavy bino viewer with twin Panoptics.  See the sliding weight near his right shoulder?

Right: An F5 low profile 12.5 inch with a Swayze mirror.

Baron12.5F5LowProfile.jpg (60751 bytes)
Our booth at the Oregon Star Party.  Shown here are our 12.5" and 15" scopes. We had visitors non stop and had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful folks from the Oregon area.  We strongly recommend that you get to this event if you have never been. wpe5.jpg (14316 bytes) wpe9.jpg (9578 bytes)