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Construction Details

We manufacture telescopes patterned after the award winning designs by Albert Highe

These scopes are trim and light. They are easily transported.

We offer the finest focusers, Protostar diagonals and stainless steel hardware. 

Our rings and rocker box are made of the finest wood laminates we can find.  We do not use appleply.  Rather, we prefer the look and stiffness of high grade Finnish Birch.



Optics come from the best mirror makers..  Choose from Pegasus, Stevens, or Zambuto.

Rocker bearings are as large as we can make them.  This gives you a silky smooth altitude movement.

You will not find a more professional grade finish on any other commercial scope.


All of our telescopes come with short struts so that you can pack them down for transport and storage. 

The 18" and 15" models can optionally be equipped with  wheelbarrow wheels that mount on the sides of the scope.

Shown here is our 18" F4.2 model ready to go!



18inchCell.jpg (3443 bytes)       12.5inchCell.jpg (8610 bytes)

We design and manufacture our own mirror cells. 

They are made from lightweight aluminum and are very low profile.  

We use no edge support for our mirrors. Astigmatism resulting in the use of slings or other types of edge support are nonexistent.

Pictured far left is our 18 point flotation cell used on the 18" design. On the right is a photo of our 12.5 inch cell incorporating a six point supporting system. Note: we no longer paint our cells black.  In no way does this interfere with the great views you'll get with your scope.

We know that large aperature instruments are a significant investment. Most scopes will give you good views of celestial objects.  But a precision instrument, like a fine sports car, is also a joy to use.