Plettstone Flora
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Flora At Plettstone

Above left: Brodiaea (unidentified variety). Above right: Globe Lilly (Calochortus albus)

Above left: Larkspur (Delphinium nuttallianum) field southwest of observatory. Above right: Clarkia (Evening Primrose family. Variety unidentified)

Above right: Grass Nuts (Brodiaea laxa). Above right: Ground Pink (Linanthus dianthiflorus)

Above left: Larkspur field southeast of observatory. Above right: Gold Nuggets (Calochortus luteus)

Above left: Mariposa Lily (Calochortus leichtlini). Above right: Brodiaea (unidentified variety)

Left: Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum)