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Aspiring Astronomer Inspiration Page

I recommend that new astronomers read as much as they can before making decisions to purchase telescopes.? Certainly, I have made the mistake of leaping before truly knowing what I wanted.? I could? have saved a few dollars on my first scope had I really been patient and studied the recommended literature.

For Beginning Astronomers.? A service offered by Astronomy Magazine.? I highly recommend this site! On the left menu, click on "The Hobby" and then select "For the beginning Astronomer" from the choices in the center pane.

Backyard Astronomy: Tips on Observing the Universe.? A service offered by Sky & Telescope magazine. This is another must see site for the beginning observer.

The Astronomy Connection (TAC).? A great site managed by my friend Mark Wagner. TAC is a group of observers representing many clubs and organizations in the greater Bay Area of California. We meet to observe regularly at several sites.? This site not only includes information for the new astronomer but a wealth of other information to enthuse hard core enthusiasts.

The San Jose Astronomical Association is one of our local clubs.? Here you will find a monthly ephemeris along with some of the finest observer writing around.? This stuff is the best!? Yes, we have great talent.

The Astronomy Picture of the Day is an incredible resource to everyone.? Even those with no understanding of our universe will delight in the extraordinary images and beautiful explanations.

Can I name a star?? Sure.? Anyone can name a star. But there is only one recognized organization that can name celestial objects by which they shall be officially recognized.? For more information see the article written by that organization, the International Astronomical Union.