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Click on image for larger version. Some of the smaller landscape oriented shots came out fuzzy in the buttons here.? Don't miss the larger versions!

06280001.jpg (32931 bytes)

Look at this thing in my scope!

06280002.jpg (34261 bytes)06280003.jpg (34197 bytes)

Dean and his twin whatshisface

06300033.jpg (32263 bytes)

Uh.. is there anything special going on here tonight?

06280004.jpg (25711 bytes)

The master Obi Steve Kanobi

06280006.jpg (37540 bytes)06280007.jpg (31794 bytes)

Albert with his beauty and Ray with his new wife.

06280012.jpg (27663 bytes)

Rich is thinking... hmm which scope should I pull out of my hat for tonight

06280013.jpg (35618 bytes)

Randy just pretending he's not a party animal

06280011.jpg (63166 bytes)

Telescope row

06280010.jpg (30819 bytes)

Now, Rashad, what color did you say that planet was?

06280018.jpg (23592 bytes)

This scope is so clean you can eat right here... see?

06280014.jpg (37703 bytes)06280015.jpg (32580 bytes)

Robert and things that go bump in the night. That's bump with meeethaine.

06300034.jpg (37571 bytes)

Smart scopes taking entrance exams for Moon U.

06290023.jpg (26857 bytes)

Ain't no mountain big enough ain't no toy too large. ta da ta da...

06290021.jpg (28238 bytes)

Now what did you say you could eat? This sure is fine workmanship. Nice hat mister!

06290026.jpg (35042 bytes)

My new scope.. Cutie Pie!? Ain't she sweet?

06300029.jpg (35557 bytes)

Same O Same O Sweet Chariot

06290025.jpg (38620 bytes)

Just another little refractor.?

06300030.jpg (36378 bytes)

Collimating an Obsession.? Ooooh that's nice.