Observing Reports
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Observing reports

I have included a few observing reports here that I have written as well as some contributed by friends of mine.

I hope you enjoy reading them.
11/25/00  Turkey and Stars
10/25/00  Extreme Observing
10/22/00  Observing under a street lamp
01/08/00  A night in Lynx
07/04/99  Fireworks and Deep Space Objects
06/13/99  Observe or Play with Technotoys?
10/10/98  Every once in a while you get an extraordinary night
05/05/98  PSWLAP
05/01/98  Gold Country Astronomy by Mike Shade
04/21/98  The rantings of one tortured by viewing the home shopping network
04/20/98  PSWLAP by Sandra Macika
10/29/97  PSWLAP
10/18/97  Fremont Peak
10/05/97  PSWLAP by Sandra Macika
09/24/97  Montebellow Ridge
08/22/97  City observations from my yard
07/30/97  Montebello Ridge
05/31/97  Fremont Peak
05/03/97  Fremont Peak
03/07/97  Obsession 18" First Light at TAC Messier Marathon Henry Coe State park.