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Off the grid living

When we purchased the land for the preserve, we had no water, electricity, or other services. We had a darling 2 story cabin built by John Amesbury of Merced, CA as well as some utility sheds. John had really built a nice little place... solid construction and CUTE! The cabin setup included wiring and water plubming but we had to bring our own water and batteries for power. There was no toilet.

 Since then, we have done much to make life more comfortable at the facility. We have installed a collection facility down at a small spring and pump it to a holding tank on the top of the hill where the cabin rests. We have installed solar cells to create electricity and store it in two batteries. One for the cabin and one for the observatory (each battery consists of several RV deep cycle cells).

And ... we have built the most famous toilet in the valley. The Sunmar composting toilet is outfitted in a solid 4'x8' shed which sports a 32" steel door, gingerbread trim, and one wall of peg board to store/hang tools. And, let's not forget the moon on the south end. I will post more information on our site in the weeks to come. But for now... tada... here is our Johny Kaiabo.

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